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Air Conditioning Installation

Getting a new air conditioner? The purchase of your new system is only half of the process; you’ll need to have it properly installed as well. At C & S Heat and Air LLC, in Central Arkansas, we’re qualified installers of HVAC units. While we primarily install Carrier brand units, we can work with any unit of your choosing and offer 24/7 emergency services! We do all the work for you from the moment you call us to the moment we arrive at your location. Our HVAC installers deliver your init and bring all the necessary equipment to install your A/C in one swift visit.

Whether it’s a brand new unit, a newly constructed home or you’re replacing a faulty system – we can assist with professional HVAC installation services. Contact us today to ask about installing your new unit.

Heating Installation

If you’ve had the misfortune of your heater running out, we know it’s a stress, to say the least, but help is only a phone call away with C & S Heat and Air LLC in Central Arkansas! Servicing all makes and models, we can easily replace and install a new furnace to provide optimal heat year-round.

If you’re unsure if your heater needs to be replaced, our team can come out to evaluate your furnace to determine its longevity. Want to save money on those energy bills? Having a new furnace installed is a key way to cut down on energy expenses!

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Air Conditioner Repairs

Nothing is worse than coming home to discover your air conditioner has stopped working. Especially if it’s during the peak of those sweltering summer months. If this sounds familiar don’t sweat it, just call C&S Heat and Air. Our licensed HVAC techs know what signs to look for to diagnose and solve the issue your A/C unit is experiencing. From electrical issues to troubleshooting and simple fixes like swapping out the A/C contractor, we do it all to get your system running smoothly again.

Whether it’s simply running diagnostics to assess a breakdown or malfunction in your A/C unit, or we are replacing parts – we provide the very best in A/C repairs.

Air Conditioner repair in Central Arkansas

Air Conditioner Maintenance

At C & S Heat and Air LLC, we feel that maintenance is key when extending the lifespan and functionality of your air conditioner. Part of what we do is check on your system before major issues arise in efforts to prevent costly repairs or having to install a new unit, entirely. Our HVAC techs change air filters and coils, lubricate moving parts and clean the interior and exterior elements of your A/C unit! But, that’s far from all we do; we follow a checklist to accommodate every possible tune-up for your system!

Visit our Locations page here to see our service area.

Heater repair in Central Arkansas

Heating Repairs & Maintenance

Problems with your furnace can arise for a variety of reasons. Lack of maintenance, dirty filters, a malfunctioning thermostat – these are just a few of the common issues we see that cause furnaces to not function properly. When you notice these problems arise, be sure to make C & S Heat and Air LLC your first choice service call! We can expertly perform any repair you need on your heater and we offer 24/7 emergency services.

Heater maintenance – part of what keeps any machine running optimally is the care and maintenance that goes into it. That’s why here at C & S Heat and Air LLC, we don’t just install and repair heaters, we maintain them. When you need routine inspections of your gas lines to check for leaks, we’re on it! Some of our maintenance services include removing and cleaning burners and fan switches to adjusting pilot lights and more. Call us today at (501) 278-6584 to learn more about what we can do for your furnace and heating system.

HVAC Heat and Air in Central Arkansas

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